British Airways’ two next-gen real-time weather apps

by | Apr 22, 2024 | Connectivity

This month, British Airways became the first UK airline to roll out two next-generation weather apps offering access to real-time weather data. This change comes as part of the airline’s £7b transformation which is bringing extensive, wide reaching updates to the UK’s flag carrier.

Previously, teams would rely on manually produced weather reports generated earlier in the day. Now, pilots and flight planning teams can access more accurate, real-time data, enabling them to make more operationally efficient decisions.

The update comes with two separate apps. The first, Guidor (provided by SkyConseil) provides pilots with streamlined access to weather data which updated in real-time using onboard Wi-Fi connectivity. The second, Fusion (by The Weather Company) is for the airline’s Integrated Operations Control centre which will eventually work in conjunction with Guidor to share precise information.

René de Groot, Chief Operating Officer at British Airways, explained how the two apps will work together:

“It’s exciting that we’ll be the first UK airline to combine the technology of both apps, which will allow us to make even better operational decisions in the moment using real-time data. These applications represent a step-change in the quality of weather information we receive, and, in the future, will enable pilots to collaborate in real-time during a flight with operational colleagues on the ground, allowing faster decision-making for a variety of issues like diversion planning and recovery.”

Navigating weather effectively can have huge financial repercussions. As previously highlighted by SITA, disruption caused by weather conditions account for 75 per cent of air traffic delays, “costing airlines billions of dollars each year in extra fuel, maintenance, crew, and compensation expenses.” Giving pilots access to accurate, real-time weather data can help to optimise routes and minimise disruption.

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