Driving aviation standards for emerging tech: EUROCAE’s role in safety, efficiency, and innovation

by | Mar 15, 2024 | AI & ML, Avionics, Video

EUROCAE, the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment, plays a pivotal role in advancing the aviation industry through its range of standards. The non-profit organisation brings together manufacturers, operators, regulators, and other aviation stakeholders to develop and promote standards for aviation equipment and related systems.

In this brief interview, Anna von Groote, Director General explains EUROCAE’s critical role in driving aviation standards, unpacking how the organisation takes a collaborative and proactive approach to emerging challenges including the safe integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At Aerospace Tech Week, 17-18th April, MOC – Event Center Messe Munchen, Munich, Anna von Groote will be speaking on the importance of standardisation in AI for aviation safety and efficiency. Book your ticket here.

Watch the full interview below to hear EUROCAE’s Director General speak on the following:

  • Can you explain how EUROCAE helps with driving the standard for aviation?
  • How does EUROCAE address emerging challenges and technologies in the sector?
  • With AI set to change the future of the industry, how are you approaching the subject and why is it so important to standardize?
  • What are you looking forward to at ATW Europe?



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