From OCC to IOCC with Diederik-Jan Bos, Head of IOCC, SunExpress

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Flight Ops IT, Video

Diederik-Jan Bos (DJ), Head of IOCC, SunExpress will be speaking at Aerospace Tech Week Europe on the transformation from Operations Control Centre (OCC) to Integrated Operations Control Centre (IOCC).

The OCC is the “mission control centre” of an airline, controlling and overseeing crucial activities. By moving to an IOCC, a more seamless flow of information can be achieved, enabling challenges to be addressed more efficiently and effectively.

In preparation for the event, DJ joined for a brief conversation around the transition, revealing key challenges, benefits, and future plans.

Highlighting the importance of this change as SunExpress evolves, DJ explained:

“It’s really laying the foundations for what we need to do for the future. But also, we needed to do it to manage the operation as it is at the moment, with it’s increasing complexities. As we grow the challenges seem to grow with us.”

One of the major benefits listed by DJ was enhanced communication and collaboration, with people working together to solve the problems resulting in a more efficient operational framework. These are already feeding back into improved KPIs, reducing resolution times, and shifting mindsets around problem solutions.

To hear DJ’s candid discussion of the transition to IOCC with all its challenges, watch the full interview below.



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