IAE V2500 milestone SAF test

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Innovation, Sustainability

It was announced earlier today that IAE International Aero Engines AG (IAE) has successfully tested the V2500 engine with 100 per cent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

At a MTU Maintenance Hannover in Germany, the engine was tested using Neste’s 100 per cent Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosine (HEFA-SPK). Produced through hydrotreating renewable raw materials such as waste oils, or fats into an aviation turbine fuel, this fuel is a prominent jet fuel alternative.

The V2500 engine is renowned as “one of the most successful engines in the history of commercial aviation,” and it currently powers the A320ceo family aircraft, among others. With nearly 3,000 aircraft still using the engine, this successful test marks a significant milestone in the endeavour to prioritise sustainability moving forwards.

Michael Schreyögg, Chief Program Officer, MTU Aero Engines:

“MTU Maintenance Hannover is the first maintenance, repair and overhaul facility worldwide to carry out a 100 per cent SAF test on a V2500. This test demonstrates our commitment to supporting greater use of SAF across both our entire network and the broader industry.  We remain dedicated to working with IAE, suppliers and partners to ensure not only that our products are capable of operating with SAF but also that our maintenance, repair and overhaul infrastructure can support all operators and owners with their SAF testing requirements.”

Ongoing SAF testing paired with commitment to sustainability policies across the industry ecosystem speak to feasibility of hitting decarbonisation targets.

At ATW Europe, Grégoire Desmasures, Head of Upgrades and Sustainability Services Marketing, Airbus, Sanan Chaharkama, CoFounder & CTO, Nexus Lab, and Adam Harris, Global Chief of Testing Facilities, Rolls Royce are speaking on a panel titled: SAF and beyond – Looking forward at the future of sustainable flight ops. This will explore testing, SAF research, net zero goals, and more. Book your ticket now to avoid missing out.

IAE is a multinational consortium is comprised of Pratt & Whitney, an RTX (NYSE: RTX) business, Pratt & Whitney Aero Engines International GmbH, Japanese Aero Engines Corporation, and MTU Aero Engines AG.



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