Ensuring safety while integrating AI with Anna von Groote, Director General, EUROCAE

by | Jun 24, 2024 | AI & ML, Innovation, Video

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising every industry and aviation is no exception. Its transformative power already spans a multitude of applications and more doors are opening as the technology develops. However, its rapid integration into this safety critical sector requires a measured approach, facilitated by expert understanding of technology and the industry.

EUROCAE, the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment, plays a pivotal role in advancing the aviation industry through its range of standards. The non-profit organisation brings together manufacturers, operators, regulators, and other aviation stakeholders to develop and promote standards for aviation equipment and related systems. Taking a proactive approach to standardisation, EUROCAE is instrumental in ensuring the aviation industry can harness the benefits of AI without compromising safety and trustworthiness.

Watch below for five-minute insights from Anna von Groote, Director General, EUROCAE on the importance of standardisation as the industry navigates the role of AI.

Questions asked include:

  •  Can you articulate the impact AI has had on the industry? And how have you noticed this change in recent years?
  • How do you tackle the issue of AI trustworthiness when thinking about safety within the industry?
  • With AI evolving at such a rapid pace, how do you approach its standardisation and do you anticipate having to change this approach if its applications within the industry continue to proliferate?

See EUROCAE’s Video series on AI in aviation here. 



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