Effective human-AI collaboration in the cockpit

by | Mar 27, 2024 | AI & ML, Avionics, Sustainability

For many years, the industry has been experimenting with automation. Enhancing safety, efficiency, and accuracy, automation is now a key aspect of modern aviation.

One project using artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate single-pilot operations is the Honeywell-led Digital Assistants for Reducing Workload & Increasing collaboration (DARWIN) project under the European Union’s SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking.

The project gathers together industry technology providers, aircraft OEMs, leading research institutes, air navigation service providers, and key European institutions and regulatory bodies to research a human-AI collaboration system, “defining clear roles and responsibilities.”

As technology develops, these systems are becoming increasingly advanced and although the vision is for AI and a single pilot to work together, it is clear that the human pilot will remain the ultimate decision-maker.

Jolana Dvorska, Senior Research & Development Manager and Architect for SESAR, Honeywell Aerospace explained the projects’ forward-looking mission:

“A need for higher autonomy requires digital transformation. For both, we need to build trust in AI-based solutions. DARWIN will develop a scalable human-AI collaboration concept that can gradually introduce new functions and pilot assistants, in line with the EASA AI Roadmap.” 


At Aerospace Tech Week, 17-18th April, MOC – Event Center Messe Munchen, Munich, Jolana Dvorska will speaking on the SESAR DARWIN project. Talking through the development of scalable human-AI collaborative systems for advanced single-pilot operations. Book your ticket now to hear more.


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