Disruptive sustainability technology with Grzegorz Ombach, Airbus

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Innovation, Sustainability, Video

Grzegorz Ombach, Head of Disruptive Research & Technology and Senior Vice President, Airbus joined to discuss sustainability, technology, and innovation.

During the interview, Ombach highlighted the complexities of achieving net zero targets during the industry’s ongoing expansion. Underscoring the significance of the actions taken today in shaping the industry’s trajectory, Ombach said:

“Everything we do during the next 20 years before we reach net zero is going to stay with us for the years to come. We have to make the right decisions.

20 years from now based on the global market forecast [the number of aircraft are] expected to double to about 46,000, therefore we are going to have even more challenges […] A lot of changes have to happen during this time.”

Looking at the disruptive technology aimed at addressing these challenges, Ombach also shared his insights into Airbus hydrogen-powered aircraft and other broader industry initiatives set to revolutionise the future of flight.

Ombach will be discussing these themes on a keynote panel at Aerospace Tech Week, looking at the technologies and frameworks needed to drive sustainable aviation. Speaking about his upcoming attendance at the event, Ombach explained:

“The future is not just what you do in your house, but also how you collaborate with this external ecosystem.”

Watch the full interview below.



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