Leveraging AI to effectively combat adverse weather

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Flight Ops IT, Innovation, Sustainability

Yesterday it was announced that Aeromexico has adopted IBM’s AI powered tool to perform informed climate risk analysis for its fleet. Responding to the growing challenge that adverse weather conditions poses, the technology will allow Mexico’s flag carrier to monitor, anticipate, plan, and respond to the potential impact of extreme weather on air operations.

Through climate risk analysis and the leveraging of geospatial data from a variety of routes, the airline can adjust operations to optimise efficiency and safety through informed flight planning.

Diego Convalia, Aeromexico’s Vice President of Technical Flight Operations, said:

“This technology complements the most modern aircrafts like the ones we have, the expertise of our crews and the air traffic control technology and services of the countries where we operate. […] it helps us in decisions for takeoffs, landings, flight routes and ground operations, which contributes to  elevate flying to be  an extraordinary experience.”

Manuel Gonzalez del Yerro, Sustainability Software Leader for IBM Latin America explained:

“The future of business and the environment are deeply connected, and technology is allowing a greater understanding of climate and how it can impact businesses. For us, Aeromexico’s trust in IBM technologies to help them manage climate risk is a source of pride, putting safety measures and efficiency above all else and anticipating adverse atmospheric events.”

As the airline industry continues to evolve, it must respond to the changing landscape of threats. By harnessing sophisticated technology, operational efficiency can be maintained without compromising safety.


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