Unlocking MRO capacity through digitalisation with Karen Miller, GM, Connected Aero

by | May 28, 2024 | MRO IT, Video

The MRO landscape is on the brink of a transformation and Karen Miller believes its digitalisation will unlock “phenomenal opportunities.”

In a recent interview, Miller, GM, Connected Aero highlighted the critical importance of digitalisation in the MRO landscape. The 10-minute conversation looked at why modernisation is so crucial, how the landscape is already changing, and the technologies that will shape its development years into the future.

Miller explained that with a declining workforce and substantial growth projected for the industry, modernisation followed by digitisation can unlock much needed additional capacity. Through automating routine tasks and optimising data utilisation, workers can be empowered to tackle the tasks requiring human skill, enhancing both efficiency and productivity.

During the interview, Miller also selected emerging technologies like machine learning, AI, and natural language processing as having the potential to shape the future of the MRO landscape for years to come.

Acknowledging the transformative power of digitalisation comes with a degree of adversity, Miller highlighted a couple of innate challenges that will need to be overcome. Watch the full interview below to find out Miller’s thoughts on:

  • Key challenges anticipated during the transition to a digitalised industry.
  • The crucial role of digitalisation in today’s industrial landscape.
  • Factors that have slowed down the rate of modernisation in the industry compared to other sectors.
  • The evolution of the MRO ecosystem with the advent of digitisation.
  • Changes in the day-to-day operations for workers in MRO facilities and the long-term benefits.



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